Pivot Door Corner Entry Shower Enclosure

Pivot Door Corner Entry Shower Enclosure

Pivot Door Corner Entry Shower Enclosure (Frameless)

Top view

The pivot door corner entry shower enclosure has a simple and generous design, high quality, strong construction with standard-made manufacture.

Features of Shower Enclosure
1. Designed with frameless and transparent look, high quality shinning hinges, stainless steel handles and side bar, this type of pivot door corner entry shower enclosure will bring you a luxury showering experience.
2. The hinge is integrated in the aluminum frame allowing over 100kg and increasing its durability.
3. The hinge is made of brass with our special company logo on its hinge.
4. It has polished silver aluminum alloy frames.
5. It's manufactured with bottom waterproof aluminum and PVC sealing strips.
6. Different kinds of handles are available for this shower enclosure.
7. The aluminum frame can be adjusted 20mm on each side.
8. The pivot door corner entry shower enclosure can be ordered with or without tray.
9. A bar with clothes hook has been placed on the glass panel for a comfortable experience.

General properties of pivot door corner entry shower enclosures

Panel Material Tempered Glass
Frame Material Aluminum Alloy
Tray Material Acrylic

Technical parameters of pivot door corner entry shower enclosure

Product description Dimensions (mm) Standard size 800×800×1900 900×900×1900 1000×1000×1900
non- standard
Thickness of tempered glass Fixed panel 8mm
Door glass 8mm/10mm
Glass surface Clear, frost, sandblast, easy clean glass are all available.
Frame Bright silver and sand silver are available.
Hinge Hinges are integrated with aluminum material, which enhances the structure of the hinges. These hinges can bear more than 100kg without glass drooping. Upon request, the brand logo can be altered to meet the requirements of customers.
Handle Certain types for choice
Support bar Side support bar and other types of support bars are provided.
Door pull mode PVC magnetic stripe, with black and white colors for choice
Shower tray Optional
Package Neutral safety carton Package size (cm) 203×83.5×8 203×93.5×8 203×103.5×8

Package information: One shower enclosure is packed in a single carton that can be designed with customer's own brand. Carton has inside high pressure foam to protect corners and edges which ensures safety shipping.

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